My Little Pony: Bright Lights (1986)

Why this show is terrible (or possibly awesome)

1. Less than a minute into the show, I'm being taught that throwing ice cream on someone is an acceptable way to make them be quiet.
2. You should then expect the person you throw your ice cream on to buy you more.
3. It's okay to take off with a stranger without telling anyone, with no plan of returning.
4. You can be unlawfully imprisoned for trying to find your children.
5.  Inconsistency - the "sick children" cast no shadows, but neither does anyone else!
6. More inconsistency - Knight Shade's mother is supposed to have no shadow, but in the last part she and her son are drawn with shadows BEFORE the shadows return to them.

But I've heard that the original MLP series was very inconsistent, and really that could easily fall into something that makes the old series good.  The bad morality, flawed logic, and inconsistent story telling could prove to make MLP hilariously good.

Now that I finally have an episode list, I plan to track down more episodes.
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