I haven't done my Wiccan Rede Study for a while, so let's get back to it.  Even if you're not into it, I hope you can appreciate a bit of knowledge. ;)

To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be spoken in rhyme.

I would bet that you, the reader, can remember some nursery rhymes or lessons taught in school, such as "I before E, except after C."
"There once was a man from Peru..."

Very simply, the use of rhymes makes something easier to remember.  All of the power in a spell comes from the person speaking the words, and giving them a meaning.  If you do not concentrate on your words, and the meaning behind them, then the spell will likely not work, or will work incorrectly.

Like prayer, spells can be a simple offering of thanks to a god, or a wish for more money.  One may cast a simple money spell, and soon realize that they come across more money than they think.  And when they do, they will hold onto it.  But don't think that money will materialize out of thin air for you.

One quick note: Love spells that force someone to love you are bad. You can make yourself more open to love, or even make them more open to love, but you cannot force them to love you. Just watch the move The Craft and see why it's bad.

Let's talk about supplies for spells

Now, technically you don't need a thing at all.  Wicca is a really flexible religion, because no one thing is the right or only way to get something done.  If anyone ever tells you otherwise, they probably just want your money.

That being said, there are things that can improve your spell casting.  Writing the spell down on paper, for example, and then burning that paper while you say it. (Be careful with fire!)

Candles can be used to set the mood, and their colors can also help relate to what you're doing a spell for.  White is fine and multi-purpose for all spiritual occasions, and is also popular for protection spells.  Red is good for love spells, fertility, power, strength, etc. Green is a good color for money spells, health, luck, etc. Yellow is good for wisdom, creativity, happiness, mental energy, etc. Blue is a good color for peace, truth, protection, and communication.  Black is also a color for protection, energy, and power.   Finally I will add that purple is said to be the color for the goddess, and gold the color for the god.  For more colors and more meanings for each color, try looking here.

There are also a variety of herbs or incenses you could include for a spell session.  One could use a protecting herb like bay to begin every spell.  There are far too many choices to begin to list. I recommend Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.  It's really handy and has so much to offer, such as alternative names for plants, a way to look up which plants will help make it rain or other things, and some interesting facts.  (Did you know that witches supposedly chewed celery seeds to help them fly on broomsticks?)  Otherwise, good luck searching on the web. :)

There is no wrong way to cast a spell.  One thing I do recommend is making a ritual out of it, to give the occasion some significance.  A common way to do it is to start by cleansing your area - literally and figuratively sweep out negative energy - and then casting a circle.  Make sure you have your supplies beforehand, and spell in mind.  Then you could open by calling on the gods you pray to, and even doing a North East South West thing.  Say your words - you may want to repeat them a few times (choose a significant number, like 3) - and light any candles or burn any incense that you want to.  Spend a while visualizing what you want to come from this spell session.  Maybe just some serenity for yourself.  Do whatever you want to to reinforce your visualization of what you want.  When you're done, thank the gods and dismiss them, then visualize your circle closing.

Remember that a spell is more powerful when it is written by YOU.  It doesn't have to be long, and it doesn't have to be award-winning.  It actually doesn't even have to rhyme.  Just get out the words that have meaning to you.  GIVE them meaning, and believe in it. :)
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