My Little Pony: Bright Lights (1986)

Why this show is terrible (or possibly awesome)

1. Less than a minute into the show, I'm being taught that throwing ice cream on someone is an acceptable way to make them be quiet.
2. You should then expect the person you throw your ice cream on to buy you more.
3. It's okay to take off with a stranger without telling anyone, with no plan of returning.
4. You can be unlawfully imprisoned for trying to find your children.
5.  Inconsistency - the "sick children" cast no shadows, but neither does anyone else!
6. More inconsistency - Knight Shade's mother is supposed to have no shadow, but in the last part she and her son are drawn with shadows BEFORE the shadows return to them.

But I've heard that the original MLP series was very inconsistent, and really that could easily fall into something that makes the old series good.  The bad morality, flawed logic, and inconsistent story telling could prove to make MLP hilariously good.

Now that I finally have an episode list, I plan to track down more episodes.
The babies ate quite well this morning.  They're still alive!  They got so cold, though.  How could they be so cold when I'm so uncomfortably hot?!  I added a hot pack under their blanket and gave them layers so they can snuggle up.

I'm so tired but I can never sleep in this kind of weather.  I'm better cut for Alaska weather than Florida.

It's 59F in Alaska, and going to rain all week?  Okay, I'm seriously moving to Alaska.
So I've attempted to feed the squirrels a few times already. I have a medicine syringe to fill with milk. I believe that one of the squirrels is a girl and the other a boy. So far only the boy seems to have an appetite. He's actually started nursing and ate a small bit of milk. The other seems to be more interested in sleep. I'm worried that she will die.

I wish I could stay up all night again. But I need to sleep.
So the other squirrel I posted about is dead.

Tonight I found two more baby squirrels laying on the tar, all scuffed up.  I thought they were dead at first.  They are just as wiggly as the previous one, but much sleepier.  This time I'm taking care of them personally, but I'm very worried.  They seem dehydrated, and hungry, but I'm not sure if they're eating enough.  I need to get some better milk, which I'll do if they live through the night.  Right now they are in a bird cage, safe from my cats.  I put in a nice warm blanket and covered them with a small towel to keep them warm, but give them the option to move. I'm gonna check on them soon and make sure they aren't still cold.

I'm being advised by others that killing them with a shovel is still an option. :(
Here is my contribution to July's Blog Chain, in which we break all of the rules to remember why we need them.

The Mini Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest means trying to write the worst possible first line of a book or story in the spirit of Edward "It was a dark and stormy night..." Bulwer-Lytton. "Worst" in this case is subjective, but florid and ridiculous purple prose is probably closest to the spirit of the thing.

Lillian Isabella Rosehem stared forlornly at her reflection in the mirror, studying the strikingly blue eyes, fluffy eyelashes, flawless skin, pixie nose, perfect lips, delicate chin, and perpetually silky long blonde hair, and sadly wondered why she had to be so amazingly popular at school and have such a boring, totally loving family that willingly gave her whatever she wanted.

Woo, boy, there she is!  Ain't she a bute?

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Today my neighbors came to me, one of them holding a white towel in her hands.  She'd found a baby animal lying on the ground and wondered what to do for it.

The little guy is hairless, the length of my thumb, has sharp little claws, and make BIG yawns.  He's very active and wiggles all around and stretches his little legs.


I'm pretty sure now that he is a baby squirrel.  I know that normally one should not pick up the baby so the mother can claim it, but in this case I think the right choice was made. It seems like the baby was already abandoned on the ground for at least an entire night (the neighbor heard squealing noises last night) and he is also wounded, as you can see in the picture above and below.  It looks like maybe a cat tried to bite him. It's scabbed up already, and I hope it will be okay but for such a little guy it's sort of big looking.  He also has a scrape on the back of his head.

Next to a quarter, for size reference.
The neighbor has decided to take care of him (rather to my disappointment. I got so attached!)  I printed off these instructions for her to take care of the squirrel.  She'll have to keep him warm, feed him regularly, help him potty, etc.

Lucky for him that he was found today, because just after I brought him inside to identify him, it started pouring outside. Imagine this little orphan caught in the rain!  Too many cats outside, as well. I'm amazed that he survived whatever attacked him the first time.

If he lives through the next few days, then things will look good for him! I have hope because he is such an active little thing, wiggling all around the way he did.

I decided to call him... Chance.  Because I'm a sucker like that. :-P  Here's to hoping!

ETA: It died.
I've not worked on my novel in days.  I'd like to blame it all on being so sick, but really it's just loss of motivation.  I think I may have plotted out this novel so much, that now it's like, "Why do I have to write this AGAIN? Even though I haven't written it yet. I feel like that about everything. Every one else should already KNOW what I'm thinking! Gosh!

But I have been sick.  I've been having "stomach" troubles.  I say stomach because I don't want to address what it really is, which isn't so much my stomach (I think) as it is the rest of it.  I've been dealing with it for years but lately things are terrible. 

So I got things that are supposed to be soothing... I bought chamomile tea, and got some things that are full of fiber.  Hasn't seemed to work a lick!  I also have those Activia yogurts, but I'm worried now that part of my issue is lactose intollerance.  I just can't stand lactose and its disgusting lifestyle! :P

But yeah, I hate talking about that stuff, so let's talk about ANOTHER thing.  I woke up this morning with my bottom left wisdom tooth causing so much trouble!  That particular wisdom tooth is the last one that has yet to erupt.  My others are in and didn't cause me much trouble.  But the gum was swollen up so much I couldn't shut my mouth!

My first solution was to wad up some paper and bite on it, so I wouldn't bite on the gums anymore (I think I tend to clench my teeth when I sleep).  But as I looked up what it was (probably pericoronitus) I decided that it would be better to get up for the day and try to take care of it.  Plus, My Little Pony was coming on!

So I gently brushed my teeth and the gum area, although it hurt pretty bad.  This was worrying because it could lead to the only solution being dental surgery.  Then I made a warm salt water mixture and gargled that for a while.  I also ate a popsicle to get something cold in my mouth.  They said to check for food stuck in your gums... I did manage to get a tiny flake of something out that might have been a popcorn shell.  The swelling went down within no time!

I went back to sleep (after watching My Little Pony) and my gums have been good ever since.  I noticed since then that the gums seem to be shredding, which hopefully means that the tooth is getting ready to emerge soon.  I hope that the swelling doesn't come back, but at least I know how to take care of it.

Now if only I knew such a quick cure for my stomach problems.
So I tried to make a joke by making a ridiculous, contradicting political claim. I tried doing this by mushing together liberal/conservative/republican/democrat and saying that they (as if all of these different groups were the same) would create a dictatorship/communist/fascist society.  Funny because so many of those things are polar opposites, right?  Well, except that apparently "Libertarian" is NOT a synonym for "liberal".  Oops.  So I very nearly offended someone who thought I was ripping on conservatives. I did offend her until I explained that I got the wrong word. Man, I fail! I tried to make a joke about political ignorance and ended up showing it instead.

I need to have someone like Inigo Montoya to always check what I'm typing and say, "That word - I do not think it means what you think it means."

I should just never talk about politics.  Personally I used to think I was Democrat until I realized I have a lot in common with Republicans, and I've been confused ever since. But in my opinion both sides can be massive idiots. Maybe a dichromatic system is too black and white for me. So I don't know what I am anymore.  I'm so confused by political jargon, that if it weren't for America's emphasis on WWII in history class, I might have ended up in the National Socialist German Workers' Party or some crazy thing. 

I guess I'll just either a) stay out altogether or b) overdose on some sort of psychedelic drug that will permanently put me into a comatose state of My Little Pony hallucinations. That's a solid plan, right?  If anyone knows how to raise my chances of success with plan b, let me know.
I'm awesome.  Can I say that?  I give myself so much flak - I think I deserve this one.

I have posted a 500 word minimum story/chapter each week for the last 210 weeks!

That's at least 105,000 words... which is seriously an underestimation because ONE story I have edges close to 160k and it couldn't have taken up 30 of those weeks. So a better estimate is 250,000 words.

This is 4 YEARS of consecutively weekly prompt fulfillment, people.  Not saying all of those weeks are good. LOL. But I did them. Holy hay.  Now I just need to wait for the moderators to confirm... and for someone to make my award.  If I screwed up somewhere, I will be SO upset. I still want my shiny graphic, even if to some people it's just an image.  It means EVERYTHING to me because I worked so hard to get it. 

Now what will I do, I wonder?  Aside from watch My Little Pony like a fiend! That's my new favorite show by far! But as far as writing goes, I need to figure out how to take this weekly dedication... and put it 100% into my novel.

Seriously, this is the best show ever. EVER. More on that later.