Some people hate feet. I hate fingernails. I hate any kind of fingernail torture in horror (having them pulled off, or the infamous scenes of victims clawing at the floor or walls as they are dragged away by a killer, often ripping one off in the process.  BARF.)  Specifically, in real life, I HATE long fingernails. They creep me right the hell out, especially the people who have them. Let me describe the people I have in mind. These people never cut their nails. Only sharpen them.  They seriously consider them weapons.  They flick their nails together like they think they are mother freaking Wolverine, but with a much creepier sound effect.  It doesn't help that the people I've known like this all have questionable mental stability.  They scratch at everything with these horrific nails, like their arms in the middle of a silent room.  Think nails on a chalkboard to feel my anguish.  Skrch skrch skrch skrch skrch.

Let's play comparisons.

 This is quite fine.  These nails are sexy, in fact.  They are trim and somehow you can tell that they will not at any time be used to draw blood, even though they are painted blood red.  Awesome.
NO.  HELL NO.  Trim your nails, you psychopath!  This person is even in the process of flicking their nails together.  Skrch skrch skrch...

Sorry, but I will judge you in person if I see that you have such long, horrible fingernails.  And this is YOUR fault, because likely the only reason I will notice your fingernails is if you are in the process of sharpening or otherwise celebrating your disgusting weapons.  And I will judge you by telling you to never touch me while I run away in the opposite direction.  Seriously, I have asked friends of mine to never, ever, ever touch me because of their horrible fingernails. (And they tormented me instead.)

Internet friends, I do not care.  Just never ever mention if you prefer your fingernails kept in the way that horrifies me the most, and we are all cool.  Sincerely.

P.S. I get about 98% of all the photographs I use in my posts from  It's a seriously free stock photo site.  A little bit limited, but worth it to not face the hassle that other "free" stock photo sites create.  My other site of choice is, using creative commons images.
2 Responses
  1. April Says: are strange. :) I mean that in a good way.

    But I know exactly what you mean. I wouldn't say long nails freak me out, but I don't understand women that grow them super long...and I don't understand how they DO anything! I can't let mine get too long or else they get in the way of typing and texting. I'm very low maintanance and don't do much of anything with them at all except keep them filed and clean.

  2. Dae Dreams Says:

    Ugh, yes. How do they function? What really turned me off of fingernails was, admittedly, seeing women with them in really old skin mags. Long fingernails + tender flesh = NO!! GO AWAY!

    I had my nails done for prom... they were pretty short for extensions, but still long enough that I had to get used to typing with my nails instead of the pads of my fingers. Not cool. But they were okay because they were so thick and blunt. Now my nails feel really brittle and sharp in comparison. It was hell getting them off, though, and my real nails are still wrecked - never getting my nails done again!