I just spent a few hours putting this little graphic together.  I'm kind of tired of my fellow Americans who bitch all the time but seem to take a lot of stuff for granted.  Like being able to bitch about the government without being killed.  I'm not saying that nothing is wrong with the gov. or that we shouldn't argue about it. Just saying that there are more fucked-up places in the world and we're better off than we think.  For instance, I bet a lot of people reading this can go to their sink and turn on some nice tap water that's been regulated by health laws.

And yet I have to live in a world where people take this shit for granted, and act like complete assholes.  If you seriously think that it's okay to blame a woman who gets raped ("She shouldn't have dressed like that") then go move to motherfucking Somalia.  (This might sound unrelated, but my post was nearly just a rant about victim blaming.  Yes, you've experienced your first rant on this blog.)

Here's a reality check.

Drop me comments for stuff that I missed. It was super hard to find facts. Let's discuss.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    People do take things for granted far too much - here in the UK, too, and all over the West. I do think it's hard not to though - as imaginative as we are, we can't really live any life other than the one we've got.

    I've spent some time teaching and volunteering in different places, and one of the big things it made me realise is how FREE we are. If the kids I worked with had the opportunities that we have - to get a good education, go to university, choose whatever career we please - they would grab it with both hands and do incredible things. It upsets me to see people going to university 'just because it's what you do, isn't it' and not working hard, wasting all that money spent because they can't find the motivation.

    I wish everyone would open their eyes. But at the same time, I definitely take things for granted every day too.

  2. Dae Dreams Says:

    I agree, it's easy to forget when you aren't faced with poverty, crime, or health issues. I know I take some things for granted and complain about my day like it's the worst in the world.

    It's hard to imagine that there are people out there for whom just being alive is literally a torture.

    Mostly it pisses me off - kids who complain because their parents didn't buy them a second game system or the expensive crap clothes. Grown adults who complain about the state of the government but won't vote. They quickly forget how lucky we are to be a free society, and try to legitimize their complaints by pretending that the government is the most corrupt. Right, because we see a genocide every day. *rolls eyes*

    At the same time, I appreciate the complaints. Legitimate ones keep people on their toes, and keep the government from thinking it can do whatever it wants to.

    One of the things I wish is that the US would give up the stupid frigging war machines and weapons we don't need. So much cash going to waste.

    Mostly I'm just in a bad mood today. :P

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think it's healthy to think these thoughts sometimes! The world would probably be a better place if more people did.

  4. Hils Says:

    I wanted to find something positive to cheer a friend. Unfortunately he lives in an area you mention so I can't really use your graphics. that does not mean I don't like it though as it makes us lucky ones stop and think!! Thanks