I've not worked on my novel in days.  I'd like to blame it all on being so sick, but really it's just loss of motivation.  I think I may have plotted out this novel so much, that now it's like, "Why do I have to write this AGAIN? Even though I haven't written it yet. I feel like that about everything. Every one else should already KNOW what I'm thinking! Gosh!

But I have been sick.  I've been having "stomach" troubles.  I say stomach because I don't want to address what it really is, which isn't so much my stomach (I think) as it is the rest of it.  I've been dealing with it for years but lately things are terrible. 

So I got things that are supposed to be soothing... I bought chamomile tea, and got some things that are full of fiber.  Hasn't seemed to work a lick!  I also have those Activia yogurts, but I'm worried now that part of my issue is lactose intollerance.  I just can't stand lactose and its disgusting lifestyle! :P

But yeah, I hate talking about that stuff, so let's talk about ANOTHER thing.  I woke up this morning with my bottom left wisdom tooth causing so much trouble!  That particular wisdom tooth is the last one that has yet to erupt.  My others are in and didn't cause me much trouble.  But the gum was swollen up so much I couldn't shut my mouth!

My first solution was to wad up some paper and bite on it, so I wouldn't bite on the gums anymore (I think I tend to clench my teeth when I sleep).  But as I looked up what it was (probably pericoronitus) I decided that it would be better to get up for the day and try to take care of it.  Plus, My Little Pony was coming on!

So I gently brushed my teeth and the gum area, although it hurt pretty bad.  This was worrying because it could lead to the only solution being dental surgery.  Then I made a warm salt water mixture and gargled that for a while.  I also ate a popsicle to get something cold in my mouth.  They said to check for food stuck in your gums... I did manage to get a tiny flake of something out that might have been a popcorn shell.  The swelling went down within no time!

I went back to sleep (after watching My Little Pony) and my gums have been good ever since.  I noticed since then that the gums seem to be shredding, which hopefully means that the tooth is getting ready to emerge soon.  I hope that the swelling doesn't come back, but at least I know how to take care of it.

Now if only I knew such a quick cure for my stomach problems.
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