I'm awesome.  Can I say that?  I give myself so much flak - I think I deserve this one.

I have posted a 500 word minimum story/chapter each week for the last 210 weeks!

That's at least 105,000 words... which is seriously an underestimation because ONE story I have edges close to 160k and it couldn't have taken up 30 of those weeks. So a better estimate is 250,000 words.

This is 4 YEARS of consecutively weekly prompt fulfillment, people.  Not saying all of those weeks are good. LOL. But I did them. Holy hay.  Now I just need to wait for the moderators to confirm... and for someone to make my award.  If I screwed up somewhere, I will be SO upset. I still want my shiny graphic, even if to some people it's just an image.  It means EVERYTHING to me because I worked so hard to get it. 

Now what will I do, I wonder?  Aside from watch My Little Pony like a fiend! That's my new favorite show by far! But as far as writing goes, I need to figure out how to take this weekly dedication... and put it 100% into my novel.

Seriously, this is the best show ever. EVER. More on that later.
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