So my step dad Harry is in the hospital right now. He hasn't been right for a while. His feet and legs were turning a ghostly blue and swelling up. He was getting more and more limited in his ability to walk. He has having chest pains and difficulty breathing, along with dizzy spells.

The other night my mother took him to the hospital yet again. This time instead of giving him a medication and sending him out, they realized that he had fluid in or around his lungs. I'm not sure, but my mother told me he was choking on it. He spent the night while they medicated him heavily to get the fluid out, but it didn't work too well I suppose. His breathing was still strained from that fluid so a few hours ago from writing this, they sent him to a different hospital a few hours away.

I keep trying to think of what his chances are. He's in his early 70s now, with a heart so bad that supposedly there's literally only half of [the original?] left. I'm not sure, but my mother implied that fluid buildup is related to his congestive heart failure. As my sister in law told her 2-year-old and 1-year-old, 'He's strong. He'll be back.' If it's very serious, I'm not so sure, unfortunately. He's a hell of an ornery guy, but he's been talking about death so much lately. My mother was in tears, but I can't trust that to see how bad it is. I have to focus on facts. The facts don't sound too good right now.

My mother just left and will be gone the weekend to stay near Harry. I sent my unicorn and whale ahead of me so that he will have me by his side tonight.

I hope the next time I blog about this, it will be to say he's doing much better.

P.S. for my mother's sake, and Harry's, I kindly request some prayers and good thoughts his way. Thank you. ♥
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    God bless him, hope all is well in the future :)

  2. Joanna Says:

    *Big hugs to you and good vibes to your Dad*
    I feel for you, Dae. My husband's Dad died of cancer when he was 16, and his mum's currently having chemo for bowel cancer. I wish you and your whole family the strength to cope with this. ( In case you're wondering, you may see me somewhere else as Sweetleaf :))

  3. Dae Dreams Says:

    Thank you very much Joanna (aka Sweetlef :) )I'm sorry that you understand all too well what I am going through. My step dad is home again and has some fancy new things to help him out - oxygen tanks and a scooter so he can actually get around outside. The last thing they said before he left the hospital was that he might have lung cancer, because his heart is "fine". Just one more thing we don't need. I probably won't update here about him again until I find out whether or not he has it.