I visited my step father in the hospital today. As it turns out, the right side of his heart (the side that still works) is dying. The main reason why he's in the hospital, though, is because his lungs are full of fluid. They're only working at about 30% capacity right now. He can't have surgery for his heart because he would die on the operating table.

Basically, all we can do is try to keep him healthy for as long as possible. I hope he'll get to see me graduate high school. When he gets home, he'll have to be on oxygen. They recommended he quit smoking, but at the same time I guess they don't expect that to happen. My mother told me they looked at his father's history, and his father went down the same road. His father had to quit smoking, and died 6 months later.

He's still Harry, though. He was absolutely disgusted with their diet plans for him, and their mutant "cholesterol-free" eggs. He told me the hospital custard tasted like shit. :P I don't think my mother will make him stick to the diet when he gets home.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm so very sorry to hear about your step father. I hope at least he can see you graduate as well.

  2. Dae Dreams Says:

    Thank you. :) He looks like he'll be okay for now... but they have been talking about how he'll have to tone down his life even more, and he already doesn't work. It's a big question about how long he has left. I don't want to ask my mother and make her think about it.