It's amazing how many people pretend that is no discrimination against homosexuals or any other kind of sexuality differing from the hetero "norm". Do they really not see how straight people are allowed to be open about their sexuality, and others are told to stop "flaunting" it? It's amazing how they will call simple truths bullshit. I'm tired of arguing the point to death. Next time someone tries to explain why they "don't mind gay people, they just shouldn't be able to..." I'm just going to respond with a big FUCK YOU. There's seriously no way to reason with these assholes. I'm not going to tolerate their shit in a world that wants to decide whether two adults in love can get married based on whether or not their genitals interlock.
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  1. April Says:

    All I can say is I'm sorry. I am a heterosexual woman who feels your anger...from a hetero point of view. It sickens me, and I'm sorry for anyone who lives in the thick of it. I know how bad it is out there, even if I base my knowledge on just my mother. She drives me insane, and she and I argue over the marriage issue a lot. Or it would be a lot if I felt like arguing. But sometimes it's better not to. But I stick up for it every chance I get, and every time I hear about more discrimination, it makes me even more firmly for gay rights and marriage and just...just treat them as you would anyone else! Ugh!!!

  2. Dae Dreams Says:

    It means a lot to hear your comment. I try to be reasonable, but it seems like one of those topics that logic can't necessarily win. I remember when my state (Maine) signed in gay marriage... I was so proud of the governor (John Baldacci at the time). I don't think a lot of people read his statement about how he was Catholic, but he looked at the law and decided to sign in favor of it. And then people decided to oppose it and removed the law. Ugh.

    I've had my mother tell me that if me or my brother turned out gay, she would disown us. She had a fit when I came out. She's implied before that she likes gay, but she doesn't think they should marry... and they should also be killed. Now she would deny all of that. Selective memory. It gets under my skin and I'm tired of trying to be nice and respectful to people who state that I should not have equal human rights because of who I choose to have a relationship with.

  3. I wish I could say that I understand what you are going through, but since I am heterosexual, I don't. I think that the biggest discrimination in the US right now is against homosexuals and obese people (which would be me). Sad, but true. These two groups of people are considered an "acceptable" prejudice. I think that society will slowly begin to change, as you can already see some changes being made. Yet, there will always be those who discriminate. It's horrible, and it makes me angry. I personally don't understand why there is such a big debate over gay marriage. Just let people who love each other get married! I mean, who is it really going to hurt? People are crazy. They need to grow up and quit being scared of change.