So the other squirrel I posted about is dead.

Tonight I found two more baby squirrels laying on the tar, all scuffed up.  I thought they were dead at first.  They are just as wiggly as the previous one, but much sleepier.  This time I'm taking care of them personally, but I'm very worried.  They seem dehydrated, and hungry, but I'm not sure if they're eating enough.  I need to get some better milk, which I'll do if they live through the night.  Right now they are in a bird cage, safe from my cats.  I put in a nice warm blanket and covered them with a small towel to keep them warm, but give them the option to move. I'm gonna check on them soon and make sure they aren't still cold.

I'm being advised by others that killing them with a shovel is still an option. :(
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